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Excerpt: Dickson was entering the licence plate of the vehicle for a National Crime Information Center check on his computer when he looked up and noticed a car pulling up next to him. Dickson saw that the window was coming down and he quickly reached for the .40 caliber Glock 22 in his holster. As he unholstered his gun and started to aim, he noticed a flash of light as he was thrown to the passenger’s side of his car. Dickson could hear footsteps rushing toward his vehicle, the driver’s door opened, and he looked down the barrel of a 12 gauge Benelli shotgun. . . . “Good night sergeant Dickson,” was the last thing he heard before the roar of the 12 gauge Benelli shotgun severed his head from his shoulders. Two cars left the scene traveling at 100 miles per hour. There were no witnesses, save the occupants of the two cars. All was calm in their hearts as they headed for their next rendezvous.

A Significant Kill
168 pages

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